Business Hive response to covid-19

Business Hive response to covid-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter our daily life at an increasing rate, we at Business Hive focus our efforts in keeping our environment safe and inspiring,  prioritizing the safety of our members and maintenance of their wellbeing.

Ensuring a safe work environment!

We follow the World Health Organization (WHO) and government guidelines and measures, keeping physical distances, and implement enhanced hygiene protocols.

Our measures include

Daily cleaning

We have introduced an enhanced daily cleaning protocol which includes frequent decontamination of touchpoint surfaces (e.g. desks, tables, phones, keyboards) to meet the new health regulations.

Physical Distancing

We have modified shared spaces and arranged sitting to ensure social distancing in the workplace is maintained.

Increased sanitization

We have increased the sanitizing hand rub dispensers around the workspace.

Behavioral signage

The new healthy protocols are reinforced with strategically placed signage.

Safety protocols at meetings

We have implemented new safety protocols in our Presentation and Meeting Rooms to maintain safe distances, including spaced seating arrangements, one-direction move arrangements, and distanced catering when needed.

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